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January 29, 2012


They say the past is a foreign country. One where they do things differently. If this is true, then those differences call out to you loudest from the stamps of each nation. Yes, stamps. Those small, often square, sometimes triangular things you place on the corner of a letter and then forget about. There is […]

Wood for trees.

July 31, 2011


A piano. In Italian the word has several meanings. The first of which, floor, begins a journey which leads to another two. It is a rather unexpected turn in the road, and all the better for it. Crossing eastern Tuscany, we decide, one Sunday afternoon, to head for the hills. The map indicates a mountain […]


July 17, 2011


To enter into heaven, it is, perhaps, appropriate to first pass through hell. On departing from Rochechouart, Ton, a wise and creative man, describes Italians as “the guardians of heaven on earth”. Which may be true but first we must enter a circle of hell. The Frejus tunnel, linking France and Italy via the alps. […]

Solvitur Ambulando

June 17, 2011


It is solved by walking. Although the provenance of the saying is varied, from Diogenes to Saint Augustine, the meaning of the words hold true. A walk will answer many practical problems and, from time to time, throw up new questions whilst you stride along. The Limousin and its verdant countryside presents many solutions to […]

Going Underground

June 3, 2011


In the beginning is a darkness. It is a darkness like no other I have ever experienced . A darkness from before light, not an absence of light. Through this darkness, you are transported four kilometres into the depths of the cave network at Grotte Rouffignac. We have travelled into the Dordogne valley to look […]