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July 28, 2012


I do not like flying. The very idea of leaving the safety of the ground fills me with terror. Perhaps, being born underneath the end of an airport runway did not help matters. Ingraining in my psyche, from an early age, an irrational fear of everything aviation related. Maybe Oscar Grieg would have changed my […]


June 2, 2012


“I am a Captain, but as they are ten a-penny, and I had a very undistinguished & brief career at the front ( I was shot down by Richthofen in January 1917 & POW till the  middle of December 1918) I do not normally use the rank” Oscar Grieg, is not someone you will have […]


January 29, 2012


They say the past is a foreign country. One where they do things differently. If this is true, then those differences call out to you loudest from the stamps of each nation. Yes, stamps. Those small, often square, sometimes triangular things you place on the corner of a letter and then forget about. There is […]

Souviens Toi

July 1, 2011


Remember. The sign as you enter Oradour Sur Glane makes a simple request. It is complete in its brevity. Time spent at the martyrs village can never be forgotten. It must, though,be heard, seen, written about. The approach to Oradour sur Glane is as any other in the Limousin. Wooded rolling hills are held together […]