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June 30, 2012


Home is where one starts from. T.S Eliot I was always running back then. My arms and legs flailing around, feet thundering across broken paving stones, my heart jumping relentlessly up and down between my chest and mouth. Running, like the clappers, but never getting very far. For in truth the world is too big […]

Que Sera Sera

May 21, 2012


How can thirty thousand people make so little noise? So many voices be lost within their own throats? Fading away, in one long meek line of soundless humanity, from the disaster zone of Wembley, seventy thousand shoes make no sound. Their world ending with a whimper. It is haunting, in the way that a house […]

The book of Quintessence

October 22, 2011


Aqua vitae. The Essence of life. Its creation attributed to John of Rupescissa, a Russian monk given to alchemy, heretical prophecy and, not surprisingly, imprisonment. That his greatest alchemic prize should be eternal life, that this should be discovered during the middle ages, is of great note to someone embarking on the foothills of their […]